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Macon officials hold off on MiLB feasibility study

Macon BravesIf pro baseball is to return to Macon, Ga., it won’t be any time soon, as the Macon-Bibb County Urban Development Authority delayed a decision on a feasibility study for a new ballpark.

The pitch from Macon Mayor Robert Reichert would have the county pay for a feasibility study. But, given that other aspects of public spending in Macon is already under study, the consesus from authority members is that while a ballpark study may be useful down the road, it would not be worth considering until next month at the very earliest. So let’s count this as a decision delayed, rather than a rejection of the proposed study. From the Macon Telegraph:

The consensus of the authority Thursday is to wait until the authority’s own master plan is completed before considering a baseball stadium study. The in-house master plan is to be finished in October, Morrison said.

Authority Chairman Chris Sheridan said that while the authority appreciated getting information about the impact of a potential ballpark, “the last thing we need is another study” until some other studies are completed.

“The (Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce) is doing an economic development study,” Sheridan said. “The mayor has just finished a study of the Second Street Corridor. It has been completed, but it hasn’t been absorbed. … So the first issue is to conceptualize (the ballpark) idea along (with the other studies) and look at this being part of a much larger issue. We will take it under advisement.”

Macon, of course, would squarely fit in the Sally League footprint.

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