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Aliens take in Canadians game at Nat Bailey

Nat Bailey UFO

A mysterious object hovered just beyond the Nat Bailey Stadium right-field fence during Tuesday night’s Northwest League playoff game, prompting not mass hysteria but mass tweeting.

We certainly are a blase population these days. If a unidentified flying object had appeared 50 years ago at a ballpark, you can bet there would have been mass panic. These days, everyone whips out their cellphones, takes a photo and uploads it to Twitter (as @KayDee did with the above photo). Heck, the sighting barely warranted a mention in the local newspaper. The game wasn’t stopped, and the Canadians ended up with a 5-1 win over the Everett AquaSox.

Of course, the assumption was that this was some sort of remote-controlled helicopter designed to amuse the fans; there’s a lot of open land around the Nat, with plenty of spots for someone to launch an earth-made device. (Despite the headline, we don’t think aliens dropped by the Nat.) Still, the fact that the outcome of this sighting ended up not in mass hysteria but in mass tweets says a lot about the state of the world today.


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