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Unusual nuptuals: Pair gets hitched between innings in Sacramento

Sacramento River CatsBallpark weddings happen all the time, but the Sacramento River Cats (Class AAA; Pacific Coast League) built a game promo around a between-innings ceremony.

Now. it’s not totally unusual to be married on a game day — a search of the archives yielded a few instances of a couple getting married before the game and celebrating the event in a suite — but it’s not, as far as we can determine, normal for the ceremony to take place during a game. But that’s what the River Cats did for Jalena Rusaw and Alan Slape, season-ticket holders who were married between innings at a recent game at Raley Field. Team mascot Dinger gave away the bride, and much of the game entertainment was based on the wedding. From the News-Ledger:

“Later that week we attended a ‘Cats game and he had the thought of having our wedding during a game,” added Rusaw. “I gave him only three requests – I wanted to wear a dress, my girls and mom needed to attend, and more importantly, it had to be memorable. The rest was in his hands.”

“Needless to say, we had a beautiful wedding,” she said. “The River Cats’ ‘groove crew’ dressed up in tuxes and red dresses for the occasion.”…

“We had a cupcake give-away as we cut our cake, tossed the bouquet from the (balcony) suite, rode in the hot dog cart with a ‘just married’ sign, and danced our first dance on the field after the game.”


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