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Braves add Waffle House to Turner Field

Turner Field Waffle House

If you’ve ever staggered into a Waffle House at 2 in the morning, you’ll understand why this story is important: the Atlanta Braves are adding a Waffle House stand to Turner Field.

Sorry, Garden & Gun, but when it comes to the quintessential Southern dining experience, nothing beats the Waffle House. There’s not a time of day when the Waffle House isn’t an appropriate destination: you can get breakfast or dinner all day long. Nothing beats that 2 a.m. pecan waffle.

The Braves are adding a scaled-down Waffle House stand to Turner Field, near Section 130. The menu will be pretty limited, and one could argue a little overpriced: $9 for hash browns? The other bad news: the Waffle House stand will have an extremely limited menu: In other words, no pecan waffles, no T-bone steaks. Just regular and chocolate-chip waffles, as well as hash browns.

Still, we’re guessing the Waffle House will be one of the more popular food stands at Turner Field. Talk about a perfect ballpark food: hot, sweet and sticky.

Image courtesy Atlanta Braves.


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