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Triple-A All-Star Game a big hit

2013 Triple-A All-Star GameWith a sold-out ballpark and a solid game experience, the Reno Aces (Class AAA; Pacific Coast League) won plaudits for their hosting of the Triple-A All-Star Game earlier this week.

We heard from plenty of front-office folks about the great time they had in Reno, and that experience was apparently echoed in the stands.

From the Reno Gazette Journal:

“Everywhere we’ve been and everybody we’ve dealt with has been so nice,” said [Greg] Buss, who traveled to the game from Michigan with his son Andrew. “At the home run derby, the FanFest, the hotel, it’s just been great.”…

Aces General Manager Rick Parr stood near the announcer’s stand and watched the crowd fill in.

“This is what you shoot for and strive for,” he said. “This is about showcasing our city and showing off. This is not just a good day with the All-Star Game, it’s been a good week with the FanFest and the home run derby. There has been a lot that has gone into this, and everybody has stepped up for it. You want that experience to be an all-star experience, and I think we’ve done that.”


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