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Ballpark hops end up in new Pelicans brew

Myrtle Beach PelicansBoy, talk about locally grown: Hops grown at TicketReturn.Com Field are being used by the Myrtle Beach Pelicans (High Class A; Carolina League) as part of a new Pelicans-brewed beer.

Plenty of teams offer local suds at the ballpark, but this is the first time we know of where the team actually produced ingredients for a signature brew. (Of course, you will correct us if we’re wrong.) Hops were planted in the corner of the Picnic Garden last season, and the products of that moves are part of a new White Pale Ale concocted with New South Brewing Company. Beginning on June 11, the beer will be sold at Pelicans games and for every keg that is sold, the team will donate $10 to a local hospice.

“It is very unique for a minor league baseball team to brew its own beer like we are this season,” Pelicans Vice President and General Manager Andy Milovich said. “As it is our goal to make a splash in the community this season, we are thrilled to be able to use this neat program to give back to Horry County while creating a truly unique experience for the craft beer lovers that visit TicketReturn.Com Field.”

The Pelicans homemade beer is still without a name, but fans will have an opportunity to change that in the coming days. Until next Wednesday, fans can submit names for the beer on the Pelicans Facebook page, the South Brewery Facebook page and the Myrtle Beach Beers Lovers Facebook page.

“We’re excited about the new venture with the Myrtle Beach Pelicans,” said New South Founder Dave Epstein. “Beer and baseball go together so great. The beer we’re making is an American White Ale meets an American Pale Ale. We took the American White Ale that we produce year-round and infused it with American citrus hops to accentuate the White Ale that is spiced with coriander and orange peel. Adding the citrus hops really plays off of that citrus note to create a light and flavorful taste and aroma. It goes down real easy, but has a unique flavor unlike any other light beer out there.”
Starting this Tuesday, June 4, craft beers will sell for $2 at all Tuesday games. When the Pelicans’ new beer becomes available, it will also sell for $2 on Tuesday. In addition to New South Brewery beers, the $2 for Tuesday will feature Sam Adams and Foothills Brewery’s Carolina Blonde and Carolina Strawberry.


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