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Leinie’s, Brewers trot out three lame name choices for new Miller Park beer

Milwaukee BrewersCould the choices be any less inspired? The Milwaukee Brewers and Leinie’s are asking fans to choose between Brew Crew Brew, Bernie’s Barrel Man Ale and Brewers All-Star Ale as the name of a new Miller Park beer.

The new beer will be sold only in Miller Park. (Before you assume SABMiller isn’t part of this: Leinenkugel is owned by SABMIller.) And while we appreciate the marketing sensibility that went into creating a beer especially for a ballpark largely catering to beer fans, all three choices suck. Big time.

“We’re always looking for opportunities to create unique offerings at Miller Park to enhance the fan experience, and we’re excited to debut this exclusive beer during the next homestand,” said Brewers Chief Operating Officer Rick Schlesinger.

The newly created beer is an ale, brewed with pale and roasted caramel malts along with cascade, fuggles and tettnang hops. It will be available exclusively at Miller Park beginning with the game on Monday, May 27.

Too bad the Brewers didn’t open up the naming to the public: we’re sure beer fans could have brainstormed a better set of choices.


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