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New Vikings stadium renderings released: pretty swank

New Minnesota Vikings stadium

Those sleepy high-school baseball players on the field at 3 a.m. will be competing in some pretty swanky surroundings, as the Minnesota Vikings unveiled plans for a new multiuse stadium.

Besides serving as the home of the Vikings, the new stadium will host high-school and college baseball. This was a key point in negotiations over state and city funding of the new facility: the Metrodome is heavily used during winter months for baseball, and with the Metrodome slated to be torn down after the opening of the new Vikings stadium, local baseball advocates argued the new stadium should fulfill the same community usage. The University of Minnesota Golden Gophers baseball team is expected to split the season between this facility and the renovated Siebert Field, in the same fashion the team plays during February and March in the Metrodome.

You can view a gallery of the new Vikings stadium renderings here. The stadium will have translucent panels on the roof; windows at the end of the facility will open, but there will not be a retractable roof.

The new stadium is being designed by HKS; Mortenson will be in charge of construction. Groundbreaking for the new 65,000-seat stadium will take place in October 2013, and demolition of the Metrodome will begin early in 2014.  The new stadium is scheduled to be open in time for the Vikings 2016 season.

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