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Warner Robins taking another run at pro ball?

Macon BravesWith the chance a Sally League team or two may be on the move in coming years, city leaders in Warner Robins — a community located in the greater Macon (Ga.) area — are talking new ballpark once again.

Warner Robins has been mentioned as a potential home to pro ball in the past; there are plenty in the greater Macon area who want to see a team in the area, whether it be at a new downtown Macon ballpark or in Warner Robins. (No, ballpark romanticists, no one is talking about pro ball returning to historic Luther Williams Field, the former home to pro baseball in the city.) The last two teams to play in Macon — the Macon Braves (Low Class A; Sally League) and an independent South Coast League team — departed or folded.

Now, things in Warner Robins are on the preliminary side; this account makes it sound like things occurred on the brainstorming side. Still, every new ballpark effort starts somewhere.

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