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Martinsville looks to outsource Mustangs management

Martinsville MustangsMartinsville officials are looking to outsource management of the Martinsville Mustangs (summer collegiate; Coastal Plain League), as the city works to decrease the amount of taxpayer money spent on the team.

The issue: the desire to keep the team versus the desire to reduce money spent on the franchise. The Mustangs perpetually lose money: Martinsville spent at least $67,513 on the Mustangs in 2012 — a rise from 2011’s $58,464 loss.

Stepping in: Team Cole, the management firm that already runs the Forest City Owls and Gastonia Grizzlies in the same circuit. The Martinsville City Council will discuss a potential management deal; not yet announced is any level of continuing city subsidy or any potential revenue splits. It doesn’t sound like Martinsville is looking at actually making money on the team as of now — the goal is to stem the losses. Right now the city budget calls for a $79,885 subsidy, but the goal of a new management deal would to bring this number way down and place the risk on Team Cole.

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