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The Week That Was: October 7

Ballpark DigestNew Astros uniforms, potential new Rays ballparks, teams maneuvering for 2013 and ownership changes made headlines this past week. The top stories on Ballpark Digest, as measured by page views.

Astros to unveil new uniforms Nov. 2

Loudoun Hounds: We have deal for 2014 ballpark

Cubs pitch new seating behind Wrigley Field home plate

Abundance of riches: Another new ballpark pitched for Rays

PNC Field renovation continues, but court battle for Yanks looms

Akron to look at ballpark upgrades to keep Aeros in town

Yuma Panthers sold, rebranded

Chiefs introduce subtlest logo change in MiLB history

Athletics propose five-year lease extension for Coliseum

New MLB TV contracts finalized: $1.5B annually

Digital Domain pulls out of ballpark naming deal

Sale of LaGrave Field finally goes through

Dodgers building an empire in Los Angeles?

Twin Cities group negotiating to buy Slammers

With Milo retiring, Astros restructure broadcast booth

Neighbors get first look at new Potomac ballpark

Babby emerging as Aeros buyer

Mariners to move in the fences for 2013

Staff news in Pittsfield, Medford

Ballpark nanny: Wash your hands!

Miggy or Mike? Let the debate begin

Zephyr Field / New Orleans Zephyrs

Twins pitching ballpark changes for 2013

2012 Major League Baseball Attendance


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