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Rain halts action at Rogers Centre

Toronto Blue JaysFor the second time this season fans at a covered ballpark were hit with halted play, as Toronto Blue Jays action at Rogers Centre was stopped when rain poured through the open roof.

The Blue Jays were hosting the Baltimore Orioles when rain hit the area in the sixth inning. Normally it’s no big deal to close the Rogers Centre in this instance, but technical issues with the roof machinery resulted in things moving at a reduced speed. While it wasn’t counted as an official rain delay, play was halted while the ground crew cleaned up the field. Interestingly, there have been six official rail delays at Rogers Centre. See the video here.

As mentioned, this is the second time this season a team failed to close a roof in anticipation of rain: On Aug. 19 the Milwaukee Brewers failed to close the roof at Miller Park before play was halted by heavy rain, resulting in a 10-minute delay.


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