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Big announcement tomorrow means one thing: Twins land 2014 All-Star Game

Minnesota TwinsMLB Commissioner Bud Selig will be at Target Field tomorrow for a big announcement, which can mean only one thing: the Minnesota Twins have landed the 2014 All-Star Game.

It’s been a foregone conclusion among MLB types in recent weeks that the Twins would land the event at Target Field: we’ve been told the only detail left was the actual announcement. 

So it’s set for tomorrow.

It’s a little earlier than normal, but it makes sense: it gives the Twins time to sell season tickets based on All-Star Game accessibility, and it eliminates all the chatter about Wrigley Field landing the game during that historic ballpark’s 100th anniversary.

We don’t need to go too far back into the archives when the Minnesota Twins were threatened with contraction, with the team mired in a fan-unfriendly Metrodome. Ballpark Digest was then based in Minneapolis, and we witnessed the whole ballpark debate firsthand. It wasn’t a perfect process — Carl Pohlad and family made some mistakes along the way, and some of the opposition was more than a little disingenuous — but in the end Minnesotans received a great ballpark on pretty decent financial terms. 

Landing the All-Star Game is a major culmination of those efforts. 

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