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Jones GM for new Victoria team

West Coast LeagueHolly Jones is the first general manager of the new Victoria (B.C) team in the summer-collegiate West Coast League.

Jones, a former assistant GM with the Corvallis Knights in the same circuit, brings marketing experience from JetBlue, CAA and the NBA to her new position. She’ll be charged with everything on the business side of the startup team, set to play next season and beyond at Royal Athletic Park. That includes an upcoming name-the-team competition. From the Times-Colonist:

“The three years I spent with the Corvallis Knights were three of the most influential and most important years of my life,” said the new GM, whose role is strictly from the business side with the new organization. “My experiences the last 41⁄2 years with the NBA and JetBlue has put me in a position to be able to further enhance and build my business knowledge and prepare me to take on this leadership role.

“Much like we did in Corvallis, I’m eager to build another successful and inspiring organization in Victoria and build an organization we can all be proud of.”

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