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Brawls and thrown bases: your video update

Asheville TouristsA Mississippi/Mobile brawl and a second eruption from the Asheville Tourists’ legendary Joe Mikulik is making for some fine, fine video viewing today.

You all remember Joe Mikulik, manager of the Asheville Tourists (Low Class A; Sally League), whose first eruption during a game in 2006 made the viral-video rounds. Indeed, it’s one of the best managerial eruptions ever, worthy of a Billy Martin.

He’s back with a new in-game eruption, shown below. It has all the hallmarks of a good managerial dispute: throwing bases and caps, running around the basepaths and generally bringing the game to a halt. This one goes above and beyond at the 1:12 mark of the video with a hand gesture that a) is surely not a baseball signal and b) will surely get the attention of league president Eric Krupa. We see a multigame suspension and apology in Mikulik’s future.

In Pearl, a relatively routine Mobile Bay Bears/Mississippi Braves Southern League game ended with a ninth-inning brawl, after Mobile’s Rossmel Perez took out Braves pitcher Michael Tarsi at home after a wild pitch. Tarsi didn’t appear to be doing anything other than standing near the plate waiting for a possible throw from the catcher, so you can understand he might be a little irritated by the move. Both benches and bullpens empties; league president Lori Webb will be reviewing the situation.


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