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Sally League All-Stars swing for the…buoy?

Sally LeagueIt was perhaps the most unusual Home Run Derby ever at any All-Star Game, as the Low Class A South Atlantic League sluggers faced off on the flight deck of the USS Yorktown.

The first round of the competition — to be settled at tonight’s All-Star match at Riley Park, home of the Charleston RiverDogs — featured 10 All-Stars taking their turn attempting to launch the ball into the harbor. From the Charleston Post and Courier:

“This was a once-in-lifetime opportunity,” [Lexington third baseman Matt] Duffy said. “It was such an awesome event. I’ll probably never get a chance to hit a baseball off an aircraft carrier again, so no matter what happens (today), I’ll never forget it.”

With the harbor and the Charleston skyline in the background on a hot, hazy afternoon, [Hagerstown third baseman Matt] Skole said it wasn’t easy picking up the baseball as it left the pitcher’s hand.

“It was tough to see out there,” said Skole, who has 14 home runs this season. “There’s no background, it’s all sky and water. This isn’t anything like hitting in a ballpark, but I’m not complaining one bit. This was an awesome event.”

Bill Murray, a co-owner of the RiverDogs, also took a few swings. The derby will conclude tonight.

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