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Work continues on new WVU ballpark

West Virginia UniversityWVU athletic director Oiiver Luck says work continues on a new ballpark for the Mountaineers and potentially a minor-league baseball team.

The plan, proposed by Luck and developer Mon-View LLC, calls for the establishment of a tax-increment-financing (TIF) district in Morgantown, with the proceedings funding a new ballpark at the proposed University Town Center complex. Two counties have already signed off on the plan; a third county is expected to discuss it today, and a meeting is set for next week to discuss the TIF. Despite these issues, Luck is optimistic about the Mountaineers playing in a new ballpark by 2014:

“A nice new ball park with some amenities and a great location would be a great attraction,” Luck said. “Hawley Field doesn’t attract a lot of people. It’s old. It’s run down. Clearly we need an ungraded facility.

“I think we can see a real boom in baseball, not only at our level, but potentially at the minor league level.” That, according to Luck, could include a short-season A NY-Penn League team.

The Mountaineers play at Hawley Field, certainly a modest college facility by any measure, and not one likely to attract high-profile athletes to the school. With the move to the Big 12, WVU will be facing off against schools with much better ballpark facilities, like Baylor, Texas and Texas Tech.


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