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High Desert Mavs unveil new logos for 2012

High Desert Mavericks -- new for 2012The High Desert Mavericks (High Class A; California League) unveiled new logos and colors for the 2012 season.

“After 21 seasons in the Victor Valley, we felt it was a great time to introduce new logos which reflected both the Mavericks team identity and our strong connections to the High Desert community,” said General Manager Eric Jensen. “Our new HD logo allows the whole High Desert to feel represented when they’re wearing Mavericks apparel and incorporates the unique physical attributes of this region.

“Likewise, the new cowboy logo represents the rugged resilience of those who reside in the desert, while providing a historical tie to the Maverick name.”

The Mavericks unveiled the new look at their first annual Fan Fest event on Saturday, March 10, at Mavericks Stadium.

High Desert Mavericks -- new for 2012Additionally, the Mavericks released their promotional schedule for the 2012 season. The promo schedule is highlighted this year by 10 fireworks nights, an expansion from the 7 fireworks nights of 2011. “We received a lot of feedback from our fans this off-season about which promotions they enjoyed the most, and fireworks were hands down the most popular event,” Jensen said. “By adding these additional fireworks nights we’ve provided additional opportunities for our fans to come out to the ballpark and enjoy an exciting baseball game and a spectacular post-game pyrotechnic show.”

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