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Pima County: Three spring games add $500K to Tucson bottom line

Kino Stadium

Three spring-training games at Kino Stadium, a former spring-training base in Tucson, will add a half-million dollars to the local economy, according to Pima County officials.

Of course, that’s predicated on the three games doing well at the box office. One of the three games will divert part of the proceeds to charity, but the other two are for profit.

The loss of spring training was a blow for Tucson: the city went from three teams training there (Arizona, Colorado and the White Sox) to none. Part of the city’s financial hit was lessened when Hi Corbett Field was leased to the University of Arizona Wildcats; the addition of multiple MLS teams training at the Kino Stadium complex also helped. In fact, MLS has the potential to rival baseball in terms of impact (something the longtime baseball fans hate to admit, we are sad to report).


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