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New for 2012: Miami Marlins

Miami Marlins

The Florida Marlins are no more, replaced by the Miami Marlins, as the makeover of the franchise continues in anticipation of a move to a new ballpark in 2012.

It was no secret that the name would change — after all, ownership had agreed to it when Miami funded a new ballpark and demanded the localization of the team moniker — and after prototypes of the logo leaked, the actual logo design wasn’t a surprise, either.

We don’t hate it as others do, to be honest: the design and color scheme are very much in keeping with the Miami/South Beach/South Floirda look. Deco is a big part of the local look; the Marlins could have gone with a generic baseball design that looks like every other baseball team (having precious little history to draw on like the Dodgers and Red Sox can) or gone with something that may mean something to a chunk of their local audience.

Here’s a look at the uniform lineup:

Miami Marlins

Miami Marlins home uniforms.

Miami Marlins road uniforms

Miami Marlins road uniforms.

Miami Marlins alt uniforms

Miami Marlins alternate uniforms.

Miami Marlins alternate uniforms

Miami Marlins alternate uniforms.

Miami Marlins script


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