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Omaha’s Mendoza loses no-hitter two days later

Omaha Storm ChasersLuis Mendoza, whose no-hitter for the Omaha Storm Chasers (Class AAA; Pacific Coast League) was an on-again, off-again thing is now off-again after the PCL office ruled Tyler Greene indeed doubled and did not reach base on an error.

The request for league review came from the opposing Memphis Redbirds. On Monday night Mendoza went all nine innings in a complete-game no-hitter, with the Storm Chasers. He walked off the field assuming he threw the no-no; a ball misplayed by left-fielder David Lough had been ruled an error by the official scorer at AutoZone Park. The good feelings didn’t last for long: after some contemplation, the scorer changed the error to a hit. An hour later, another reversal from the official scorer: the play reverted back to an error. And the no-hitter returned to the books, at least under the league checked things out. 

Here’s the explanation from the league office:

In response to the request by the Memphis Redbirds to review the scoring decision from the bottom of the ninth inning in their July 18th game with the Omaha Storm Chasers, the Pacific Coast League has deemed the batted ball by Tyler Greene of Memphis shall be changed from its original ruling as an error to a hit.

In consideration of language included in the Official Baseball Rules, and with the benefit of additional time to review the play, including video replay and accounts of the play provided by professional baseball personnel present at the July 18th game, the PCL office and its official statisticians at Major League Baseball Advanced Media will recognize Greene’s hit as a double. The change in the ruling will nullify a no-hitter by Omaha pitcher Luis Mendoza and prolong Greene’s active hitting streak to 15 games entering today.

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