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Can’t go wrong with anything related to Bourbon, Legends fans

Lexington LegendsWe write a lot about food on this site, so there’s no chance we’re not covering this: the Lexington Legends (Low Class A; Sally League) are asking fans to choose a signature sandwich to be served at Whitaker Bank Ballpark.

The Legends are asking fans to choose one of two sandwiches to be featured in the Kentucky Ale Taproom inside Whitaker Bank Ballpark.

Legends fans can vote for their favorite signature sandwich — developed by Aramark Executive Chef Justin Waterman — by casting their vote at the team website, on the Legends Facebook Fan Page or by tasting the sandwiches at the Kentucky Ale Taproom inside Whitaker Bank Ballpark during the Legends current homestand, which runs through Sunday, and the next homestand, which includes games on July 4, 5 and 6.

The nominees are:

  • Bourbon Trail Grinder: A heaping portion of pulled chicken, smothered in Kentucky Bourbon Ale barbecue sauce and piled with onion straws and a tomato slice, with chips on the side.
  • The Lexington Po’ Boy: A quarter-pound, split-top beer brat, piled with coleslaw, fried pickles and horseradish mayonnaise, with Saratoga chips on the side. Nothing Bourbon-related with this sandwich.

The winner will remain on the Kentucky Ale Taproom menu for the rest of the Legends 2011 season.


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