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Mets, Atlantic League submit bids for new Nassau ballpark

New York MetsThe New York Mets and the independent Atlantic League were the only two entities to submit bids to build a new ballpark in Nassau as part of the redevelopment of Nassau Coliseum.

It’s the second battle between the Atlantic League and affiliated in recent months (the indy circuit also submitted a bid for Harry Grove Stadium, the home of the Carolina League’s Frederick Keys). This one is for big money: it’s to build a new ballpark where the county is planning of issuing $50 million in bonds for the facility.

The Mets have been involved in Nassau County ballpark discussions for years now, so it’s no surprise ownership entered a bid; the Mets also have been successful owning the Brooklyn Cyclones (short season; NY-Penn League). The Atlantic League also submitted a bid; no surprise, since owner Frank Boulton also has been successful owning the Long Island Ducks.

Both bids are under seal, but we’re told the Mets offered more rent and up-front money for a new ballpark, while the Atlantic League bid for a new team included more in profit-sharing and the potential of sharing naming rights. Both envisioned a ballpark seating around 6,000. We’re told the Mets are positioning an Eastern League team for Long Island; one is available for an immediate move and two others openly for sale on the market. The Mets would not necessarily own all of the team and may hire another firm to manage it.

Voters will be asked to approve the bonding on Aug. 1.

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