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Cocoa Expo poised for return to business

Houston Colt 45sCocoa Expo, the former spring-training home of the Houston Colt .45s/Astros and regular-season home of the Cocoa Astros (High Class A; Florida State League), could reopen after a new owner rescues it from bankruptcy.

The facility, which in recent years has served as a youth-baseball facility and eyed as the potential home of a summer-collegiate league, is now closed pending the resolution of tax liens and a foreclosure by the main lender. Besides a 5,000-seat ballpark, the facility includes soccer fields, dorms and support facilities. The ballpark is largely unchanged since the .45s/Astros trained there in 1964-1984.

The Houston Colt .45s began their history with training camp in Apache Junction, Ariz., in 1962-1963. In 1985 the Astros moved to their current spring-training home in Kissimmee.


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