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No Lady Gaga, but good crowd for Scorpions

Yuma ScorpionsThe independent North American League has a lot riding on the Yuma Scorpions this season after investing in Jose Canseco and Ozzie Canseco, and so far the crowd reports are mixed — but a decent weekend might be giving the team some traction.

It’s hard to get a handle on how the NAL and the Scorpions are doing so far this season — the league’s website is a complete shambles when it comes to stats — but a check of the Yuma Sun shows some life at Desert Sun Stadium. A Lady Gaga promotion went nowhere (fans didn’t want to dress up like the pop star for free admission), but a decent gate showed up nevertheless.

Of course, an evaluation of “decent” must be made in context. The Scorpions drew well in the opener, had a few games where the announced attendance was around 700, and then drew a four-figure crowd yesterday. There’s a certain improvisation nature to the NAL this season, and it’s being watched closely in baseball circles. Whether thousand-fan games on a prime date are enough remains to be seen.

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