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Shorebirds embrace the ‘Stache

Rollie Fingers

It’s Mustache May with the Delmarva Shorebirds (Low Class A; Sally League), as the team’s front office and select players and coaches will grow mustaches for the entire month of May, with fans voting on the best mustache as part of a promotion.

Money raised through the promotion will benefit the “Strike Out Hunger” initiative launched by the team. Furthermore, the Shorebirds are planning on handing out fake mustaches at the front gate and encouraging fans to participate in growing mustaches.

On Saturday, April 30, all male Shorebirds staff members and select Shorebirds players and coaches will shave their facial hair in preparation for the promotion, which carries the following rules:

  • Participants cannot shave the mustache area for the entire month of May.
  • Participants can trim the mustache around the lip area.
  • The mustache cannot connect down by the chin.
  • The Fu Manchu is the only acceptable look for the promotion that extends to the chin.
  • There is no artificial coloring of the mustache.
  • Participants cannot fully shave the mustache until May 31st at midnight.

“I haven’t had a clean shaven face in 13 years, so I’m excited to get Mustache May rolling,” said Shorebirds general manager Chris Bitters. “I really hope that fans get excited about this promotion because all the money will help end hunger locally.”

The Shorebirds will post weekly picture updates of select staff members, players and coaches on the team’s website. In addition, mustache updates will be posted throughout the ballpark and on the video board each night.

Yes, that’s Rollie Fingers in the photo with the traditional handlebar mustache.


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