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WhipTails or Javelinas? Finalists announced for Laredo team name

American AssociationThe six finalists for the name of the new Laredo team in the independent American Association, slated to begin play next season, have been announced by team owner Ventura Sports Group.

The finalists: Javelinas, Lynx, Lemurs, Lobos, Generals and WhipTails.

“We were just overwhelmed by the number and quality of the great names we’ve received from Laredoans,” said Mark Schuster, managing partner of Ventura Sports Group. “These names reflect some of the most popular submissions and all have a tie to Laredo’s rich history and environment.”

The team received over 500 submissions over the course of a six-week period.  Each submitter was asked why they felt their submission represents Laredo. Laredoans can vote for the name of their choice, starting now through Monday, March 28, 2011 by logging on to The winning team name will be announced in the middle of May, 2011.

Here are the submissions and the explanation behind the submissions:

Javelinas: The javelina is a wild hog that is prevalent through the Laredo region and can be seen on a daily basis in the brushlands of the Laredo area. Its canine teeth are very well developed for cutting and slashing but the javelina has long held an undeserved reputation for ferocity.

Lynx: A lynx (or bobcat) is a predatory animal prevalent throughout Texas and is known for its beautiful fur and fleetness of foot. Lynx are highly adaptive felines and throughout most of their range in Texas they have showed a remarked ability to adapt to the inroads of human settlement.

Lemurs: The lemur is a primate that previously existed in Laredo millions of year ago. In 1988, Dr. James Westgate, a geologist and teacher at Lamar University, conducted a dig at Lake Casa Blancaand found evidence of a Lemur-like form. Lemurs only live in the wild today off of the coast of Madagascar although people do keep them as pets in the United States. Lemurs are known to befriendly, inquisitive and full of energy.

Lobos: Lobo is Spanish for Wolf. Lobos were very prevalent at one time throughout the Laredo region but their numbers are dwindling. The lobo is a beautiful and graceful animal known for its beautiful fur and proud demeanour. At one time, there were thousands of Lobos in the Laredo region.

Generals: Laredo is the only city in the United States to dedicate an entire month to George Washington’s birthday. On the morning of February 22, 1898, Indians and white men engaged in a “battle” for control of Laredo, Texas. The “battle,” centered at City Hall was fiercely fought, but to no avail.  In the end, the defenders fell and the mayor presented the key of the city to the Great Chief Sachem as a sign of unconditional surrender. The Great Chief in turn presented the key to the lovely Princess Pocahontas, who represented a lost tradition, “a vanishing race.” The ensuring celebration among neighbors lasted for two days, culminating with the reenactment of the “Boston Tea Party.” Thus was born the annual celebration of George Washington’s Birthday in Laredo, Texas. This celebration has lasted for over 100 years and attracts approximately 400,000 attendees annually and has a tremendous positive economic impact on the City.

Whiptails: The Whiptail is a lizard that has a pointed snout and very long tail. It is known to inhabit dry desert-like climates.  The WhipTail lizard is very agile and fast and is also referred to as a “racerunner” which characterizes their ability to move swiftly when they need to.

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