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Phillies go HD with new scoreboard

New Phillies scoreboard

Philadelphia Phillies fans at Citizens Bank Park will see one huge improvement for the 2011 season: the original left-field scoreboard will be replaced with a snazzy high-definition scoreboard from Daktronics.

The Phillies and Daktronics made the announcement today for a new light-emitting diode (LED) HD video display much larger than the former video display at Citizens Bank Park. The new display, installed below the iconic “Phillies” sign, will measure 76 feet high and 97 feet wide, totaling 7,372 square feet of digital space. It will be among the largest in Major League Baseball and all of sports.

“We are truly excited to bring the HD experience to our fans,” said Mark Dinardo, Director, Broadcasting and Video Services for the Phillies. “The new technology and dramatically larger screen size will bring our fans closer to the action than ever. Our unique partnership with Daktronics and SONY gives us the opportunity to transition the in-house broadcast, production and entertainment systems to high-definition in one step.”

The LED display will show video with up to 1512 lines of resolution using Daktronics HD-15 technology. The new display will provide incredible wide-angle viewing for better visibility for more fans, increased contrast, and superb image clarity with the ability to display video imagery in 144 quadrillion shades of color.

Additionally, the Phillies will be installing a dedicated closed captioning display that will measure four feet high by 74 feet in length. This display will be centered under the new main video display.

“Daktronics prides itself on serving customers and finding innovative LED solutions to enhance the fan experience,” said Ross Yanco, Daktronics Region Manager. “The Phillies and Daktronics have been working together for almost ten years and we greatly value their loyalty to our brand and to our products and services. This installation of our HD product line will provide new levels of excitement and game day information for every patron at Citizens Bank Park.”

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