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OC Flyers pitch woo at Fullerton for new ballpark by threatening to leave

Proposed Fullterton ballpark

It is an interesting new-ballpark bargaining strategy, to be sure: threaten to leave the market before serious negotiations begin. But that’s exactly what the press release sent out by the Orange County Flyers (independent; Golden Baseball League) lays out.

The OC Flyers haven’t been the biggest of successes in the indy circuit, though the team reported a big attendance boost this season: 1,362 fans a game, a 73 percent increase from 2009. That boost gives ownership some confidence in demanding a new ballpark from Fullerton:

The Orange County Flyers Professional Baseball Club sits on pins and needles today, awaiting word on its proposal to the City of Fullerton to move to Amerige Park and build a minor-league baseball stadium in downtown Fullerton.

Rumors abound that if the Flyers are not accommodated in some way by the City or its present landlord, Cal State Fullerton, where they play their games as members of the independent Golden Baseball League, they will be compelled to leave their home of six years and re-locate the baseball franchise.

“We are excited by the possibilities of having our own home in downtown Fullerton.  Our proposal is set to go and we hope that the City will see the future of such a facility and complex as a crown jewel to their downtown redevelopment,” said Flyers’ Managing Member, Bob Young, referring to the artist’s rendering of what could be.  

“We have been working on this project for quite a while, now going on four years.  The economics in these trying times dictate that we have a facility we can call our home all year round to be a part of this dynamic community.”  Presently, being a tenant at Cal State “upon their terms” just doesn’t pen out for the Flyers.

“After four years of ownership of the Flyers, we recognize the importance of having our own home for the entire year,” continued Young.  “We remain optimistic that our fans will not be disappointed and we will be a fixture in Fullerton for many more years to come.”  When asked about re-locating the franchise, Young respectfully declined answering, pointing out that “until we receive formal notice that our proposal to build such a stadium and complex is formally turned down, I don’t think it appropriate to engage in speculation.  We want to stay right here in Fullerton!”   

Now, the press release doesn’t actually lay out what the Flyers want: land, money, or both. (We’ve asked; we’ll pass it along when we hear back from the Flyers.) Usually press releases are sent out to deflate rumors, not start them; we’ll be interested to hear what happens in the OC.

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