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Floodwaters hit Quad Cities; ballpark is just dandy

Quad Cities River Bandits logoFlooding has hit downtown Davenport, and in that past that would have meant a halt to games at Modern Woodmen Park. But as in past years, renovations to the ballpark cut down the flood threat — and even though the parking lots are filled with water, the game will go on.

As in past years, water is lapping at the outfield berm and seeping into the parking lot. As in recent years — really, since the ballpark was renovated — the water is being held at bay, although some fans may be a little inconvenienced on their way to the ballpark. A 10-foot-wide path from the north parking lot (protected by sandbags) will allow fans access; meanwhile, the west parking lot is closed, and fans will be diverted to nearby street parking.

Of course, it could be worse: in the old days John O’Donnell Stadium regularly flooded and caused the River Bandits to shift games out of town.

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