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It’s what for dinner: the two-foot brat

Sunday night we had the best food of this season at a ballpark: a two-foot brat served up by the Madison Mallards at the Duck Pond. Not a gimmick: it was surprisingly good.

The brat itself is from Stoddard’s of Cottage Grove, who also supplies brats and other meats (smoked turkey legs, smoked brisket, smoked pulled pork) to the Mallards at Warner Park, aka the Duck Pond. It’s a leaner brat, and the Mallards stuff it in a two-foot roll and cover it with cheese curds, green relish and nacho cheese (Packers colors; it’s the “Brat Farve” of the endeavor), sauerkraut and onions, and chili cheese. 

All for $12. Not a bad deal, when you consider you could feed a family of six with this thing. The Mallards report the brat sells well: 10-15 a game.

All in all, the best ballpark food we’ve had this season.

One more note from Madison: the Mallards installed a sponsored seating area down the left-field line, using seats formerly installed at Chicago’s Wrigley Field. With four rows of seating and a back row of bar seating, the ticket includes three beers and all the food and water/soda you care to consume. At $23, it’s a pretty good deal; the views are good, and the beer along would cost you $12.

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