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UCF planning expansion of Jay Bergman Field

The University of Central Florida is planning a major expansion of Jay Bergman Field that will allow the school to host NCAA regionals and more.

The University of Central Florida is embarking on a major expansion of its athletic facilities, including a renovation and expansion of the team's ballpark, Jay Bergman Field.

The ballpark currently seats 800 on aluminum benches; the expansion calls for 3,380 seats to be adding, putting the total capacity at 4,180. The work will be done in three phases; the first will install 600 bleacher seats to be added down each line. The second phase is the most dramatic, with an elevated grandstand added to the mix, complete with a press box, club-level seating and seven suites. The final phase will add 2,000 seats to the concourse as well as new concession stands.

In a separate project, ballpark clubhouses will be upgraded, theater-style seats installed behind home plate, and a kids' play area added.

There's no specific timeline for the additions: the school is looking at raising $70 million for all the projected athletic-facility upgrades (which includes a renovated soccer facility and upgrades to the school's football stadium) over the next 10 years.

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