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Ballpark Visit: BB&T Ballpark / Winston-Salem Dash / 3

We visit BB&T Ballpark, the new home of the Winston-Salem Dash. Page 3: Issues of scale.
The ballpark site, we suspect, also led to the decision to build a taller-than-normal grandstand, with seats on the first and second decks more pitched than normal. (The same goes for the berm in left field.) BB&T Ballpark is an incredibly vertical ballpark; the canopy over the ballpark is a long, long ways over the first rows of seating.

That’s really not an issue when you’re sitting in the ballpark; the second level isn’t overwhelming, and it adds a feeling of unexpected massiveness to the structure, especially with the liberal use of brickwork throughout. The second level features 16 suites, two party areas (one on each end), a sponsored club, and second-level seating. Because of the massiveness of the second deck there are a lot of supports in the main concourse; the effect isn’t unlike an old-fashioned ballpark like Tiger Stadium or Comiskey Park, and it allowed for an incredible spacious grandstand. You won’t be claustrophobic as you wait in line for your Dash Dog and Natty Greene microbrew.