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JetHawks/Blaze game suspended due to flying rocks

Here's something don't see every day, take 2: high winds blowing rocks and dust into the ballpark from the parking lot forced the suspension of a Lancaster/Bakersfield game today.

Unusually high winds in Kern County led to the suspension of Sunday’s game between the Lancaster JetHawks and the Bakersfield Blaze (High Class A; Cal League) at Sam Lynn Ballpark in Bakersfield. Dirt, dust, and rocks from the adjacent parking lot were hurtled onto the field by wind gusts of more than 40 MPH. By the second inning, the California League umpiring crew deemed the conditions as unplayable and suspended the game. The JetHawks were up 2-1 at the time thanks to RBI singles by Mark Ori and David Flores.

It is unknown at the current time whether the game will be resumed at a future date. Complicating factors are that the JetHawks do not return to Bakersfield the rest of the season and that the Blaze has only one visit to Lancaster, one that takes place in the second half. If the game has no post-season implications, it may not be resumed.

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