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Twins bring back Schweigert franks to new ballpark

The Minnesota Twins go back to the archives and bring back the original hot dogs served at Met Stadium — because Schweigert makes it better.

The Minnesota Twins go back to the archives and announced plans to serve Schweigert hot dogs — the original hot dogs served at Metropolitan Stadium — at Target Field.

Baby boomers will remember the distinctive Schweigert advertising during Twins broadcasts, as well as the taste of the dogs at the Met. Of course, many things has changed: those Met dogs were boiled, not grilled, and they were made by a locally owned firm. Today Schweigert is owned by Cargill — still locally owned, of course. But Twins officials say the recipe for the pork and beef frank will be the same as those originally sold at the Met.

Schweigert dogs are also sold at Kauffman Stadium, the home of the Kansas City Royals.

There will be four iterations of the ballpark frank: the Original Twins Dog (a pork and beef frank using the same recipe as the dogs sold at the Met); Dugout Dog (a pork and beef frank with a natural casing); Twins Big Dog (a quarter-pounder all-beef frank) and a Dinger Dog (an extra-long pork and beef frank).

The Twins also announced a deal with Caribou Coffee for a multiyear sponsorship.

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