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Ballpark Visit: MCU Park / 3

We visit MCU Park, home of the Brooklyn Cyclones. Page 3: Thrill rides.Not everything at MCU Park is a modern amenity. The lineups and New York Penn League leader board are posted on the concourse near home plate on whiteboards with a marker, a refreshingly minor-league touch amongst the atmosphere of a sponsored carnival.

On the field the Cyclones have been known to draw the ire of NY-Penn League opponents and Mets fans because legend has it Wilpon is more interested in having a winning, marketable product on the field at MCU Park than player development. It may or may not be true. If selling seats to watch baseball was the only goal, he could have built a bandbox for a ballpark, and he probably could have had more seats period. If the Cyclones and Mets are guilty of tinkering with player development, they're not alone. The Yankees have a NY-Penn League team on Staten Island, and the two share a rivalry neither organization seems ready to surrender.