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Rascals offer fan insurance for 2010

If fans buy a $2 insurance plan and the River City Rascals lose, they'll receive a free box seat for an upcoming 2010 game.The River City Rascals (independent; Frontier League) are offering fans “Winning Insurance” for the 2010 season.

Fans that purchase tickets this upcoming season will have the opportunity to add the “Winning Insurance” for $2 before the start of the game. If the Rascals lose the insured game the fan will receive a box seat ticket ($11 value) to any future 2010 Rascals home game including playoff games.

Fans that pass up the opportunity to insure their game will get a second chance in the middle of the eighth inning but for a premium of $5. Rascals Director of Ticket Sales Zach Prehn adds.  “The Rascals could be down 10-0 in the eighth inning and fans will get a second chance to insure their game and double their investment to a future game.” “We obviously want the team to win but if we don’t this enables people to come back a second time at an affordable rate in tough times.”

Everyone that purchases “Winning Insurance” in 2010 will receive a benefit regardless of the outcome of their insured game. All fans that purchase the “Winning Insurance” will be able to redeem their policy for a ticket to the end-of-the-year batting practice bash with the Rascals players and coaches. Rascals General Manager Chris Franklin adds. “The majority of our fans only have the opportunity to attend one or two games during the summer. You either watch the home team win, or you have a very affordable opportunity to return for a second time and enjoy T.R. Hughes Ballpark.”

The insurance is offered by Midwest Agency, a local insurance company.

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