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Martinsville debates future of Mustangs

Though city subsidies to the CPL's Martinsville Mustangs have lessened in recent years, city officials want to see them go down even further and may look to the private market for assistance.

The annual debate over the financial future of the Martinsville Mustangs (summer collegiate; Coastal Plain League) is in full swing, as the City Council pores over the annual subsidy to the team.

The Mustangs came into the season with a mandate to lower the amount of the city subsidy, and the front office delivered, requiring only $56,888 — some $16,000 under budget, as revenues were up $30,000 in 2009 when compared to 2008. That's good news for everyone, but the council wants more.

Basically, the council would like to see the subsidy reduced to $20,000 or less, and one option may be to bring in a private operator for the team. There's no desire to sell the team, apparently, which is good news for Mustangs fans.

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