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Ballpark Visit: Elfstrom Stadium / 3

We visit Elfstrom Stadium, the home of the Kane County Cougars.

If your hunger and thirst cannot be slaked at Elfstrom Stadium, your tastes are truly bizarre or obscure.

For starters, there's the standard ballpark fare: hot dogs (regular and foot long), Chicago red hots, Angus burgers and cheeseburgers, brats, chicken tenders, corn dogs, funnel cakes and grilled chicken sandwiches. Papa Murphy's pizza and nachos. Then there are the more exotic offerings: BBQ pulled-pork sandwich, BBQ pork-chop sandwich, rib-eye steak sandwich, churros, Philly cheesesteak sandwich, turkey legs, roasted sweet corn (offered seasonally), carver sandwiches and Italian beef sandwiches. Not all of these foods are offered during every game (many of the exotic offerings are from the Hot Corner area down the third-base line, but almost all will be available during a well-attended game.

On the liquid side, there's a wide variety of beers (including a full assortment of Goose Island, Leinenkugel and Bud brews) and pops (all from Pepsi), fresh-brewed ice tea, lemonade, Caribou coffee, Icees and more.

For those with a sweet tooth there's a wide range of cold treats (Sno Kones, Dippin' Dots, ice-cream bars, Edy's soft-serve ice cream,  and Oberweis ice-cream cups) and candies. And, of course, there's a mandatory Cracker Jack.