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Early reports on new Fort Wayne ballpark in: “jaw-dropping masterpiece”

Of course, we’ll be the judge of that, but a columnist for the Fort Wayne newspaper is impressed with Parkview Field.
It’s a big weekend for ballpark openings, as Gwinnett, Bowling Green, Columbus and Fort Wayne are all unveiling new facilities. These are all ballparks we’ve been following since the beginnings of planning for all, so we’re particularly eager to see how they turned out.

In Fort Wayne, the firsr reports on Parkview Field are in, and Ben Smith of the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette has a glowing account of the new home of the Fort Wayne Tincaps (Low Class A; Midwest League):

It’s going to make for a lovely backdrop as twilight lollygags toward night on the coming summer nights. And it’ll make Parkview Field more a centerpiece of the city than Memorial Stadium could ever have hoped to be.

The old was functional and true to its purpose, but there was no romance to it. The new, with its combination of aesthetics and amenities and its nod to the entire arc of baseball in Fort Wayne, is what even so demanding a baseball romantic as Annie Savoy would find kindred. The church of baseball, indeed.

We will be at Parkview Field on Sunday.

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