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Crushers promise no snow for opener

The Lake Erie Crushers will hand over a free ticket and a $50 voucher for cold-weather merchandise if the team’s June 2 home opener is snowed out. Really.With another cold snap and blanket of snow across Northeast Ohio, the Lake Erie Crushers (independent; Frontier League) are promising that their June 2nd Opening Day will be different than other professional baseball Opening Days across the region.

The Crushers are issuing a “No Snow Guarantee” for June 2nd at All Pro Freight Stadium. If the home opener snows out, all fans in attendance will not only be able to use their ticket for any future 2009 Lake Erie Crushers game but each fan will also receive a $50 Crushers gift certificate to purchase warm clothing from the Crushers merchandise store.

"Unlike the White Sox and Red Sox yesterday, as well as the local professional teams previous year’s battles with weather, the Crushers are guaranteeing that we will not snow out our inaugural season opener on June 2nd,” said General Manager Ryan Gates. “We are so confident in Mother Nature that the team will provide every fan in attendance on Opening Day a $50 gift certificate good for warm Crushers clothing should Opening Day Snow Out.”

Those who are familiar with Northeast Ohio weather may question the wisdom of the team’s promise. Although the average temperature in Cleveland in June is a warm 67 degrees, early summer snow storms have been known to happen. Just two years ago, local area sports fans will remember snow wreaking havoc on professional baseball in the region.

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