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Fifth Third Field: Ballpark art at its finest

Fifth Third Field: Ballpark art at its finest.
When you visit Toledo to see a game at Fifth Third Field, you’ll be looking forward to seeing the game in one of the great minor-league venues. Please take some time before or after the game to explore some of the finer, artful highlights of this experience.

The quality of public art in this ballpark, simply, is unsurpassed.

Most modern parks feature bronze sculpture, often on a grandiose scale. What can be far more impressive is finely detailed public art on a human scale.

Few, if any, have achieved this goal as well as Toledo.

You’re bound to notice "I Got It!" by Frank C. Gaylord II, especially if you enter from the left field side along Monroe Street. Featuring three boys in old-time uniforms with outstretched arms, the bronze sculpture faces the incoming crowd before the game and then rotates on a turntable to face the infield.