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Neighbors: Too many concerts at Wrigley Field this summer

With three concerts scheduled for Wrigley Field this summer, community members say the Cubs are violating agreements limiting the impact on the neighborhood.
A local promoter has scheduled three concerts at Wrigley Field this summer, and neighborhood officials say that violates agreements between the Chicago Cubs and the city to lessen the impact of the ballpark on local residents.

We’re not entirely sure the Cubbies set out to irritate the locals. Here’s what happened.

A promoter booked Elton John and Billy Joel for a single performance in July. (The tour is also hitting other ballparks, by the way, including Nationals Park.) No problem so far. And since he was renting Wrigley Field anyway, the promoter also scheduled Rascal Flatts for a concert as well. Again, no problem.

The John/Joel concert sold so well the duo agreed to a second performance. That puts three concerts in Wrigley Field this summer, and that violates the agreement between the Cubs and the city.

So far the proposed solution has been to scrap the Rascal Flatts concert, something the promoter has been unwilling to do.