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“Old” Yankee Stadium expected to come down in April

The team still hasn’t totally moved out of Yankee Stadium, delaying construction of youth baseball fields on the site.
The New York Yankees are still occupying the former Yankee Stadium, delaying the demolition of the facility until April, in what’s expected to be a year-long process.

The delay is also causing a delay in the construction of Heritage Park, four baseball fields on the old Yankee Stadium site. Part of the deal for the new Yankee Stadium involved the establishment of replacement parkland within the area, but so far only one baseball field has been laid out — and that one will go away when construction of a parking ramp begins.

This continues to be a sore spot for community activists, who opposed the new ballpark on the grounds it would take up too much valuable parkland. Of course, some of the complaining is premature: yes, there is a temporary lack of parkland, and it’s taking longer than expected to complete the project.

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