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Mustangs eye improvements to Dehler Park

Addition of a tiered picnic area is high on the list of offseason improvements.
The city of Billings and the Billings Mustangs (rookie; Pioneer League) are discussing changes to Dehler Park for 2009, as an unexpected budget surplus and the willingness of the Mustangs front office to fund changes allows improvements in the facility’s second year.

The biggest change, as requested by the Mustangs, is the conversion of a left-field berm to a tiered picnic area. A picnic area was part of the original plan for Dehler Park, but it was dropped for budgetary considerations. The area is currently berm seating — and a waste of space, according to Mustangs GM Gary Roller. The team is willing to fund the conversion if need be; the group areas at Dehler Park are in the left-field corner, and a picnic area would be a welcome addition.

Otherwise, a slight budget surplus (which will be realized when federal funding for the project is released) allows the city to look at a few other improvements. A few problems with the field needs to be addressed, and netting on North 27th Street will likely be added.

And, in shades of Dodger Stadium, one big problem will be addressed: the addition of sorely needed water fountains.

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