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Dodgers raise the bar for spring-training tix

Want to see the Dodgers at their new Arizona spring-training ballpark? The top ticket will run you $125 for a single, premium game.
One of the great joys of spring training is the relatively cheapness of the best seats in the ballpark. You need to work pretty hard to spend more than $35 on a prime behind-the-plate ducat.

The Los Angeles Dodgers are blowing that formula right out of the water. After announcing the team’s spring-training schedule — which you can see here — the Dodgers also announced the top ticket for spring training was $125 for a premium (i.e., weekend) game. Almost 700 seats for every game will be sold at that price.

Of course, that VIP ticket includes more than just a seat in the sun. It includes premium VIP parking (normally $10), a $20 VIP concessions coupon; a VIP premium item; and complimentary VIP water and sunscreen.

Now, let’s not give the Dodgers too much crap: when the White Sox begin playing spring games at Glendale they’ll offer the same ticket deal. Of course, it’s not yet determined when the White Sox will begin play at Glendale; the team continues to negotiate with Pima County for a release of the team’s lease at Tucson Electric Park, which runs through 2012.