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BoSox to hold line on ticket prices in 2009

In the face of a bad economy, the BoSox front office announces a freeze on ticket prices for the first time since 1995.
The Boston Red Sox have joined the Seattle Mariners in deciding not to raise tickets prices for the 2009 season, as baseball prepares to do business in 2009 in what should be a difficult economy.

"We have been listening to fans, friends, and family about the challenges they are facing in light of the current adverse economic conditions," said Larry Lucchino, Red Sox President/CEO. "We are also grateful for the unwavering faith and support our fans have shown us year after year and we hope our ownership’s decision to hold prices for the upcoming season will in some way help ease the burden on Red Sox Nation."

Of course, the Red Sox already offered the most expensive ticket prices in Major League Baseball, averaging $48.80 per ducat. Still, it would have been easy for the Sox to raise prices a bit, especially at the high end; no one would have objected to the elites tossing another $5 or so per ticket per game. And the Red Sox are making changes to add some higher-priced seats to the mix at Fenway next season, so the revenue front is not exactly bleak. Still, by holding the line on ticket prices — including spring-training tickets, where the Red Sox offer a lot of very affordable seats to CIty of Palms Park — the Red Sox made a nice PR score.