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Wrigley Field upgrades approved by Chicago Commission on Landmarks

At the end of the day, the vote wasn’t close, as the Chicago Commission on Landmarks unanimously approved the new Wrigley Field renovation plan despite objections from neighbors and rooftop-bleacher owners. The newest $575-million plan Wrigley Field renovation plan calls for new exterior signage and a realignment of the triangle area at Clark and Addison; […]

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Cubs-city lovefest hits rocky patch

A proposed deal to allow the Chicago Cubs to renovate Wrigley Field and add more night dates to the schedule has hit a rough patch, with changes rankling team officials. When you discuss the politics of Wrigley Field and the surrounding neighborhoods, you’re really discussing one major issue: how many night games will be allowed […]

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White elephant on Cubs ledgers? Debt service, not Wrigley Field imperfections

ESPN’s Rick Reilly proves why sportswriters should never write about business, penning an utterly insane argument on why Wrigley Field prevents the Chicago Cubs from winning a World Series. You can read Reilly’s screed here. Reilly’s basic argument is that the Cubs’ payroll could be increased by $73 million a year if the team could […]

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