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While supplies last: Signed copies of The Baseball Thesaurus and The Football Thesaurus

The Baseball ThesaurusPerfect for your sport-loving dad: signed copies of The Baseball ThesaurusThe Football Thesaurus and The Ultimate Sports Lingo Library! We have a limited number of signed copies of both editions, and once they’re gone we don’t expect more signed copies until the fall.

Baseball is a sport with its own lingo and jargon, a colorful patois developed over decades and millions of games. In the third edition of The Baseball Thesaurus, enhanced with even more rare photos and little-known anecdotes, Jesse Goldberg-Strassler–storyteller, commentator, voice–delves into the language of the National Pastime. From Vin Scully’s philosophy on no-hitters to Red Barber’s classic turns of phrase and a definitive listing of broadcasters’ trademark home-run calls. Goldberg-Strassler explains baseball’s colorful terms. Why is a bunt called a bunt and why do pitchers warm up in the bullpen? It’s all here in an expanded Third Edition. Read more here.

It’s a world filled with armchair quarterbacks, designer blitzes, the Hogs, and Purple People Eaters. The colorful language of America’s Game—football—is the subject of the newest work, The Football Thesaurus, from broadcaster Jesse Goldberg-Strassler. Field generals throw back-shoulder passes to vertical threats, working off the bump and run. Penalties were originally signaled by horns, not flags. Tailbacks follow the big uglies to paydirt for a touchdown. Read more about The Football Thesaurus here.

Baseball and football have their own lingo and jargon, developed over decades and millions of games. Now, you can own two bestselling volumes that delve into the language of these two great sports: The Baseball Thesaurus and The Football Thesaurus — all for the low price of $22.95. Read more here.

As noted, we have limited supplies of signed copies, and when they’re gone, they are gone. So order today!

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