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Ballpark Village development enters third phase

Busch Stadium

So far, so good: The Ballpark Village mixed-use development spearheaded by the St. Louis Cardinals and developer Cordish at Busch Stadium is entering a third phase.

The first two phases in the mixed-use development from the Cardinals and developer Cordish came across the board, and looks to be a success in terms of occupancy rates. The success in residential development means the Cards will likely look to more development in the area, says team president Bill DeWitt III. The boundaries of Ballpark Village may also be expanded based on the successful two first phases. From

While DeWitt said a timeline for Ballpark Village’s third phase is unknown and that the potential project — which would be located on three surface parking lots north of the current development — is in its early planning stages. But he suggested the conceptual vision of what might be located on the district’s remaining developable land is starting to be pieced together. He said the Cardinals and development partner Cordish will consider that real estate for additional residential, office and retail development.

“Right now, it kind of looks like residential is leading that competition,” DeWitt said.

DeWitt is bullish on the project’s ability to facilitate additional apartments given the 100% occupancy of Ballpark Village’s 29-story One Cardinal Way tower, which opened in 2020 with the district’s $260 million phase two expansion.

Again, another example of a moribund downtown area being revived with a baseball-centric development.

Photo by Mark Cryan.

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